Packing in with a Mule or Two

mule handlingExperiencing the wilderness first hand is one of the most exciting parts of going to summer camp and going on a pack trip is the perfect way for kids to get an eye-opening view of the beauty of nature. Whether campers go on a day trip or plan to spend several nights, mule handling while camping, you can be certain that your kid will come back with a whole new perspective on life. That cannot be gained from a day in the city.


Appreciation of Nature

From taking in the view from a mountaintop to enjoying the roar of a waterfall, packing in with mules provides campers with a way to take the longer treks required to get to the best scenic views. Along the way, your child will see natural wildlife and fauna that they may never see outside of the wilderness, and there is just something to be said for witnessing an awe-inspiring sunrise or sunset over the horizon.


Mule Handling and Care

On a pack trip, kids develop responsibility as they learn to care for the animals. Before heading out, campers have the opportunity to assist with the actual packing of the mules and they assist camp staff with leading them on the trail. Throughout the pack trip, kids are taught mule handling, animal safety as well as how to watch out for potential dangers along the trail. As kids take turns helping to feed, water and keep their mule comfortable, they learn valuable lessons about caring for their animal companions.


Leadership Development

When kids head out on a pack trip, they always come back changed. This is because venturing out into the wilderness inspires confidence. Learning how to lead a mule team, working with fellow campers on the hike and making decisions along the route also helps kids to develop skills that turn them into leaders.

At camp, any activity that involves animals is sure to be a fun adventure and few things can top a pack trip into the wilderness. As your son or daughter prepares for their adventure, get ready to hear a whole lot of stories upon their return about how amazing it is to live in harmony with nature.

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