The Best Kid’s Camping Backpacks – What to Look For

Kid’s Camping Backpacks

Kid’s camping backpacks can vary widely in price, and they also vary in the number of features. Parents should look for a convenient size for children, durable construction to take the inevitable bumps and scrapes, and easy to manipulate zippers and straps. Good resistance to water intrusion is an important consideration for rainy day hikes. A look at the features of five brands of camping backpacks for kids shows why they have enjoyed popularity among the public.

Lucky Bums Youth Sherpa Multi-Night Backpack

Lucky Bums Youth Sherpa Multi-Night BackpackThis backpack is made specifically for younger hikers that may need additional features as they expand their horizons. The pack has a top-loading compartment and internal cover pocket. It can accommodate hydration units, has a rain-fly for visibility and includes a safety whistle. The unit is made of 400/600 polyester with a polyurethane coating. Dimensions are 26” x 4” x 15”. The price is under $150.



Osprey Kid’s Zip 25-Litre DaypacK

Osprey Kid's Zip 25-Litre DaypackThe Osprey Kid’s Zip 25-Litre Daypack offers features for the trail, as well as for school and travel around town. Designed for younger kids, the pack measures 8” x 10” x 17”, pack weighs only one pound and offers interior pocket for laptop and documents. The harness is fleece-lined for extra comfort. The front bungee system allows children to carry additional clothing. The price is under $60.


Zerd Outdoor Nylon 35L-45L Extensile Travel Camping Hiking Mountaineering Climbing Backpack Daypack

Zerd Outdoor Nylon 35L-45L Extensile Travel Camping Hiking Mountaineering Climbing Backpack DaypackThis backpack is made of 600D waterproof, scratch-resistant nylon. The Zerd backpack is a good choice for children and youth, measuring 13” x 7” x 23”. It has padded, breathable back and shoulder material and multiple components for storage. The pack weighs 2.6 pounds. The price is under $40.


 Watershed Animas Waterproof Backpack

Watershed Animas Waterproof BackpackThe Watershed Animas backpack measures 15” x 26” x 8 inches deep, with rugged 840 denier nylon construction treated with a polyurethane coating for waterproofing. The seams are RF welded, and the pack has a Zip Lock Seal for extra waterproof capability. The pack weighs only three pounds unfilled and is available in red, black and clear. The cost is under $150.


 Walkabout 12L Litre Rucksack Backpack Daypack Bag for Walking Running Hiking


Walkabout 12L Litre Rucksack Backpack Daypack Bag for Walking Running HikingThe Walkabout 12L Rucksack offers a lightweight, easy to handle pack for day hikes, school and other outdoor activities. It measures 17” x 8” x 7”. The pack is made of 100 percent polyester, with outside pockets, bottle pockets and inside security pockets, one for easy plugging in of iPod headphones. The airmesh back provides a cushion on the back for easy carrying. The price is under $70.



Hiking Backpack Reviews – What to Look For

Hiking Backpack Reviews – What to Look For

Hiking Backpack Review

If you’re a serious hiker, you need a serious backpack.

Slinging an inferior pack over your shoulders can lead to a sore back, a soggy lunch, inadequate room for water and supplies, and many other problems that sabotage your time in the woods. Here’s a hiking backpack review on what you should be looking for to ensure your hiking backpack is up to snuff:

The Right Fit:

Hiking isn’t like middle school, where you walked around with your backpack slung over one shoulder and didn’t concern yourself with how it fit your torso. If your hiking backpack doesn’t fit correctly, it will strain your back and shoulders and impede your progress. But if it’s the right fit, you will barely know it’s there, even when it’s loaded to capacity.

The Right Capacity:

Longer hikes necessitate more food and supplies, which necessitates more room in your pack. Make sure your backpack’s capacity is adequate for the hike durations you’re anticipating. For a single-day hike, you can get away with a pack capacity of under 50 liters. For a multiday hike, you’re going to want closer to 80 liters, if not more.

The Right Extras:

Based on individual preferences, there are a few “extras” offered on some hiking backpacks that might make your treks more comfortable. For instance, if you drink more water than a normal hiker, you probably want a sleeve for a water pack along with hoses that deliver the water to your mouth. If you hate the feeling of a sweaty back, look for packs with advanced ventilation capabilities. And if you can’t shake the feeling of straps digging into your shoulders even when your pack fits correctly, try one that offers extra padding in that area.

The brands you should be looking at if you’re serious about quality are as follows:


This company makes ergonomically-designed packs with plenty of extras, such as a cord for securing a camera, hip belt for extra support, organization loops inside to keep your gear neat and tidy, and a capacious hydration system compartment. Prices on Mammut backpacks are very reasonable.

Mammut Hiking Backpack Review


This brand is very popular among serious hikers. Its packs are made of nylon, which is very durable yet light and comfortable. In addition to a roomy main compartment, OSPREY offers packs with separate storage for laptops, tablets, key fobs, and other necessities.

Osprey Hiking Backpack Review

Peli ProGear:

If you’re going on a backpacking trip or a seriously long hike and you need a heavy-duty backpack with lots of room and even more features, Peli ProGear is definitely a brand to look into. Their backpacks aren’t cheap, but they won’t leave you wanting for anything when you’re five days into a trek across the Appalachians.

Peli ProGear Hiking Backpack Review


These backpacks are big on capacity and features but equally big on comfort. They offer plenty of padding not only in the shoulder straps but in the back as well. You’ll want to take a look at Tatonka if you’ve had discomfort issues with other backpacks.

Tatonka Hiking Backpack Review


If you plan on hiking with your kids, you’ll want to make sure that they’re also equipped with quality backpacks. Littlelife makes hiking backpacks for little ones that are a big step above the brands you’ll find at a toy store or big box retailer.

Littlelife Backpack Review