Electronic Chargers to Use While Camping

Camping Electronic Charger Review

Today’s world is fast paced, and the need to stay connected is greater than ever. Even while camping, backpacking or hiking in the wilderness, having a working cell phone with sufficient battery power ensures that emergencies, important calls and emails, and communication with friends and family back home are not neglected. Read this camping electronic charger review

Moreover, the fun of camping is heightened by great music or relaxing under the stars with a good book on an e-reader. These activities require portable electronic devices, which require battery power. Because electricity typically does not exist in abundance at campsites, charging these devices while camping often presents a challenge.

Fortunately, several brands make portable chargers that use long-lasting battery packs or solar power to provide juice to phones, MP3 players and e-readers. Portability, reliability, method of charging and cost should all be considered when selecting an electronics charger to use while camping.

Brands to consider when shopping for a new portable charger include the following:



This brand makes a versatile charging device that powers cell phones and other gadgets two ways. Its USB cable draws power from a laptop or similar device. The charger also includes a solar panel that requires nothing more than daylight. While the solar option only provides up to 50 percent power, its convenience is unrivaled. Solar power obviates the need to carry a laptop or to worry about how much power a charger has.

Coleman Charger


The portable charger from Coleman derives power from one of two sources: four D batteries or a rechargeable battery pack. While not as sleek or lightweight as the XTG model, the Coleman charger offers high reliability. Charging is done using a USB cable or DC plug.



This model comes with five cables for charging cell phones as well as an AC wall adapter, which is used to charge the device itself before a camping trip. Once fully charged, the PermaCharger stores enough power to provide most devices with over 1,200 hours of standby time, 70 hours of talk time and 50 hours of Internet time.

Poweractive Charger


The most rugged charger on the market, the POWERACTIVE is resistant to water, dirt, snow and drops. It plugs into any active USB port or AC plug to charge; with full power, the POWERACTIVE provides an iPhone with four complete charges, a Samsung Galaxy with two to three charges and an iPad with 60 percent of a charge.

Eceen Charger


This charger provides solar power and the unique ability to charge two devices at the same time. Its solar panel surface folds inward like a book for easy carrying and safekeeping. The ECEEN charger is extremely lightweight and portable, weighing only a single pound and measuring 14 inches by 7 inches when folded.