Discover the Magic of Camping

Are you thinking of going camping? You don’t have to be the outdoorsy type to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Even a city dweller can appreciate the wonder and magic that it offers. Believe us, once you’ve got the taste of what it is like out there, you won’t stop talking about it. Look at us; we can’t help but yak about our love for the outdoors.
There are many things that makes camping a brilliant idea, especially now that summer is fast approaching. So pack your gear and hit the road and head off to your nature stop. Discover what a best camping experience can bring to you and your loved ones.


With all the things that camping can teach you, it’s that you will learn to love and accept a simple, minimalistic way of life. You will begin to understand that all you need are the basic things such as food, clothing, and shelter to exist and be happy with the world around you.

Just bring a camping stove or grill that can cook pretty much anything. For your shelter, pack a tent that’s sturdy and big enough for sleeping and storing your other stuff. Even if you’re in the outdoors, you are still allowed comfort as long as you can fit your pillows and blanket into your backpack; otherwise, a sleeping bag will do just as fine.

Peace and Tranquility

What we love most about spending some time in the outdoors is the peace and tranquility that it provides. When was the last time you heard birds tweeting over the sound of the rushing stream or gush of the cool wind without being overpowered by the roaring noise of cars? The only soundtrack you will ever hear when you’re in the outdoors is the ambient resonance of Mother Nature. As you lay to rest in the evening, you will be serenaded by the chatty owls. The morning after, you will also be treated to a beautiful view of the sunrise. Nothing but pure bliss.


Food, no matter how ordinary it may be, becomes a feast if you’re in the outdoors. The preparation, however, takes a bit longer given the limited availability of your make-shift kitchen area. Nevertheless, you and your loved ones will be at your happiest, sharing those meals that are out of the ordinary.

Disconnect from Technology and the Outside World

When you’re in the outdoors, there are no TVs, mobile phones, electronic devices, WiFi, and similar technological gadgets. It’s just you, your loved ones, and the environment. This is a great thing!

You have all the time in the world to be distracted by those gizmos. Disconnect and give yourself this precious moment to enjoy what beautiful scenery you have in front of you. Rediscover the lost art of talking and listening and laughing.

Experience the Magic

Stunning scenery, majestic skies, pristine lakes, and immaculate mountains: all these describe what is in store for you when you go out for camping. All these are for your taking to your heart’s content.

Our world is a beautiful place to live in. It’s up to us to explore and experience its beauty. Be enthralled by its magnificence. Discover all that magic through camping.

The Best Kid’s Camping Backpacks – What to Look For

Kid’s Camping Backpacks

Kid’s camping backpacks can vary widely in price, and they also vary in the number of features. Parents should look for a convenient size for children, durable construction to take the inevitable bumps and scrapes, and easy to manipulate zippers and straps. Good resistance to water intrusion is an important consideration for rainy day hikes. A look at the features of five brands of camping backpacks for kids shows why they have enjoyed popularity among the public.

Lucky Bums Youth Sherpa Multi-Night Backpack

Lucky Bums Youth Sherpa Multi-Night BackpackThis backpack is made specifically for younger hikers that may need additional features as they expand their horizons. The pack has a top-loading compartment and internal cover pocket. It can accommodate hydration units, has a rain-fly for visibility and includes a safety whistle. The unit is made of 400/600 polyester with a polyurethane coating. Dimensions are 26” x 4” x 15”. The price is under $150.



Osprey Kid’s Zip 25-Litre DaypacK

Osprey Kid's Zip 25-Litre DaypackThe Osprey Kid’s Zip 25-Litre Daypack offers features for the trail, as well as for school and travel around town. Designed for younger kids, the pack measures 8” x 10” x 17”, pack weighs only one pound and offers interior pocket for laptop and documents. The harness is fleece-lined for extra comfort. The front bungee system allows children to carry additional clothing. The price is under $60.


Zerd Outdoor Nylon 35L-45L Extensile Travel Camping Hiking Mountaineering Climbing Backpack Daypack

Zerd Outdoor Nylon 35L-45L Extensile Travel Camping Hiking Mountaineering Climbing Backpack DaypackThis backpack is made of 600D waterproof, scratch-resistant nylon. The Zerd backpack is a good choice for children and youth, measuring 13” x 7” x 23”. It has padded, breathable back and shoulder material and multiple components for storage. The pack weighs 2.6 pounds. The price is under $40.


 Watershed Animas Waterproof Backpack

Watershed Animas Waterproof BackpackThe Watershed Animas backpack measures 15” x 26” x 8 inches deep, with rugged 840 denier nylon construction treated with a polyurethane coating for waterproofing. The seams are RF welded, and the pack has a Zip Lock Seal for extra waterproof capability. The pack weighs only three pounds unfilled and is available in red, black and clear. The cost is under $150.


 Walkabout 12L Litre Rucksack Backpack Daypack Bag for Walking Running Hiking


Walkabout 12L Litre Rucksack Backpack Daypack Bag for Walking Running HikingThe Walkabout 12L Rucksack offers a lightweight, easy to handle pack for day hikes, school and other outdoor activities. It measures 17” x 8” x 7”. The pack is made of 100 percent polyester, with outside pockets, bottle pockets and inside security pockets, one for easy plugging in of iPod headphones. The airmesh back provides a cushion on the back for easy carrying. The price is under $70.