Crazy Summer Swim Caps

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Great for helping you swim faster, keeping long hair out of your face, and preserving a special hairdo, swim caps are all the rage for serious swimmers.

Choosing which one to get is easy and usually depends on what type of swimmer you are. The harder part is deciding what color, text, or image to put on the cap!

Choosing the Best Swim Caps

Laps Versus Exercise

Lap swimming is usually done for a class or team and means putting your face down in the water as you swim, while exercise swimming can be anything from water therapy to goofing around with a beach ball.

If you are an exerciser, you may use a cap to prevent your hair from getting wet and getting in your face. You will probably want to wear a LYCRA™ swim cap, which is made of a soft mesh and will keep hair in place without the tight fit of traditional caps.

If you are a lap swimmer, you will more likely be using silicone to make you quicker in the water.

Pool Versus Open Water

Swim caps used in the pool are usually simple and similar between brands. They are made of silicone. These swim campsare the caps used in classes, practices, meets, and competitions. They may seem simple, but they do not have to look like it.

Custom colors, text, or images can bring a bit of extra spunk to your outfit.

Swim caps for the open water (such as the ocean) are usually silicone or even neoprene. Open-water swimmers should also consider using a brightly colored cap to make it quicker for lifeguards and rescuers to find them, should the need arise.

Go for What You Like

When push comes to shove, there are no real rules to follow. If it fits your needs, it does not matter if you picked it for its comfort or the color. Since they are not too expensive, get a few extras in case your main cap rips.

Fun Caps

swim caps
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There are so many different designs to pick from; you are probably wondering how you will ever decide what color or pattern to get on your headgear. The best rule here is to decide on something you love and stick with it.

Whether you are swimming in a pool or the open water, you will be easier to spot if you wear the same pattern or color all the time. Your parents will be able to point out which is their child quickly and happily, and you may even get a nickname out of it!

If you are an exerciser, you will love these Aqua World Lycra Caps which come in 11 different colors plus black and white. For the lap swimmer, there is the Speedo silicone Jr. cap, which comes in four colors in addition to black and white.

Do not let these two stop your search, though. There are hundreds of swim caps available on and other online stores.

Swimming can be made so much more fun with something on your head, and swim caps will do the job right. They keep your hair dry and out of your face, and can make you faster when you swim. Choose something that says “This is me!” and you will be happier in the water.





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