Cutest Sheets for Your Summer Camp Bunk

camp sheetsOver the summer, your camp bunk is your home away from home, and making it extra cozy is a great chance to show off your personality.

Not only will having the cutest sheets make you look forward to those late, nighttime chat sessions with your bunk mates, but it will also give you a way to contribute to your cabin community as the coolest member of the decorating team.

To get inspired, check out these fun ideas for making sure that you have the cutest camp sheets to pack this season for summer camp.

Fun Camp Sheets for Kids

Go Bright and Bold

camping sheets
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For camp, standard white sheets just won’t do! Instead, go for bold, bright colors that will add a pop of cheer when set against the same old brown walls.

Right now, contrasting colors are trending so don’t be afraid to pair a hot pink fitted sheet with a canary yellow pillowcase. Or show off your favorite colors such as turquoise and lime green.

After a day trekking through the wilderness, coming back to a cabin full of colorful camp sheets will make you look forward to your evening sharing your day’s stories with your friends.

Choose Fun Prints and Patterns

camp sheets
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In addition to focusing on bright colors, you can also explore the wide range of adorable prints and patterns

that are available for camp sheets.

Just think about how much you will love snuggling on sheets with hearts or stars. You can also add a modern twist to the rustic cabin décor by choosing sheets with emojis or a cheetah print.

If you want something that fits the traditional camp theme, tie dye, camo and forest animal prints will stand out among all the other bunks.

Cabin life may mean sharing your space with your friends as you spend the summer together. Yet, having a few sets of awesome sheets will make your space feel truly unique.

Remember, your bunk should always represent your personality while also making you feel right at home when you snuggle in at night.

Whether you are an animal print fanatic or prefer the sleek look of a bold color, packing your favorite sheets will get you excited about your upcoming summer adventures.



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