Horse Camping – Give It a Try!

horse campingCamping has long been a favorite summertime activity among kids and adding horses to the experience creates a new level of excitement. Horseback riding is a cool way to travel the trails and it gives kids a new perspective on spending time in the wilderness. If you have never tried horse camping before, then here are just a few of the benefits you will glean from the experience.


Horse Camping: Learn Basic Safety Skills

It is always important to use caution when you are spending time with animals. Horses, although their size can sometimes be intimidating, are very gentle animals provided they are well-trained. It is, however, equally important for kids to learn a few basic safety guidelines that teach them to be respectful around horses. For example, kids will spend time interacting with their horse before their camping trip so that they can learn how to approach, mount and dismount them correctly.


Provide Care and Grooming to Horses


Learning how to take care of their horse helps kids develop responsibility. Preparing a horse for a saddle, brushing their coat and giving them food and water on the trail are all essential activities of horse camping that help kids form bonds with their animal. In fact, many kids build such a rapport with their horse that they request the same one on future excursions.


Extend Your Wilderness Adventures


Horseback riding offers opportunities to delve further into the wilderness than it is possible to walk on foot. This is especially true for kids who may not be able to hike some of the longer trails. On a horse camping adventure, kids can enjoy the scenic route and take in breathtaking views such as mountain streams and majestic trees. Since campers can pack in further than they would on foot, a horse camp trip also offers the chance to spend the night at choice locations.


Riding atop a horse gives kids a bird’s eye view of the beautiful outdoors and it frees campers from the burden of carrying all of their gear. While horse camping does require a little preparation since it is important to understand animal safety and care, it is the ideal way to enjoy an adventure while forming amazing bonds with the horses and fellow campers.

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