Don’t Leave These Important Camping Supplies at Home

camping suppliesMany experienced campers will tell you that you should never go on a camping trip without a few essential items. We have made a list of the most important camping supplies, which will make your trip safer and more comfortable. Take a note.

Camping Supplies You Should Bring: 

First Aid Kit

The importance of carrying a first aid kit cannot be stressed enough, because this can mean the difference between life and death. Do a little research of your own to find the different medication you may need or consult someone with experience in the camping area. If you are allergic to things like dust, pollen etc., make sure to pack anti-histamines and other medications.


Water is simply indispensable. Find information about the kind of arrangements on the camp site and carry water accordingly. Try and get the bottles that do not leave a taste of plastic in the water, even if the water is stored in them for a long while. Other than that, take around 2 liters of water supply per day for each member of the trek.


There is no dearth of options when it comes to tents. From the most basic to the most outrageous, a variety of them are available in the market. However, at a camp, remember that the real purpose of a tent is to protect and not to show off. Cotton is a big no-no. Just make sure that the tent material is water resistant and keeps the insides warm, especially if you are camping in a cold place.

The Bedding

Rest and sleep at a camp become even more important, since you will be involved in physical activity all day. A good mattress will provide a buffer from the rough ground and provide a thick layer of protection. You can go for an on-ground or off-ground bed, depending on the place you will be camping at. There is also no paucity of options when it comes to the size of these camping beds.


Stock up on food when going on a trip and if you want, something to cook it as well. It is preferable to carry ready to eat foods or other snacks, if you have a lot of things planned during the camp. However, cooking also forms an important part of many camping trips. Keep in mind that many national parks or other camping sites may not allow cutting or even picking wood for cooking. In that case, you have to bring your own gas. Bring in utensils and a table set up everything.


You are camping for fun, not to pick up diseases. Make sure to pack hand wash, sanitizers, baby wipes, toilet papers, and so on. There will be hardly any arrangements at camp sites, and a lack of hygiene can cause a lot of health problems that and ruin your trip.


Stock up torches, headlamps and other handy lights to keep the camping sight well-lit. This is an essential tool in the wilderness, where it is pitch dark after evening hours. Light also keeps animals away. Make sure that you carry some kind of lighters to create a fire, which you may need more than you think you do.

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