Summer Camp Cabin Decorations

cabin decorationsOne of the fun things that you get to do at summer camp is to make your cabin into a cozy summer home. Check out these 5 summer camp cabin decorations for your cabin.

Summer camp is the beginning of a whole new part of your life. It’s a very special experience that you will be able to share with other campers.

You will make lots of new friends. The fun times and experiences that you share will create strong friendships that last forever.

Let’s get started!

Decorations for Your Summer Camp Cabin

#1 Cork Board

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A corkboard can be really helpful for your cabin. You can post your daily camp schedule, chores, notes, postcards, pics and more.

There are a lot of cool cork boards online and at various stores. Pick one that best suits your style or cabin space. Choose one that does not require nails to install!

#2 Dry-Erase Wall Calendar

A dry-erase wall calendar is both stylish and useful. You can personalize your calendar with cool artwork. Then use it to keep track of events and important dates. You can even use it to write down notes for your cabin mates.

You will want to pick a calendar that can be installed using self-adhesive tape. Ask an adult to help you put it on the wall.

#3 Color Pop Rug

Most camp cabins are brown or neutral. Make a statement by adding some color to your cabin with a color pop rug!

— A rug is one of the best cabin decorations that you can choose because it can add a rich hue or a shot of color to your cabin.

— A textured rug adds a cool effect to your room too.

— If you want a super soft feel, go for a plush, super soft rug, like chenille. This fabric has a silky cotton feel under your feet.

#4 Hanging Bathroom Organizer

A stylish hanging makeup and hygiene organizer is an awesome way to keep all your beauty and bath essentials organized. You can store everything from shampoo to sunglasses in these organizers.

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Look for one that has interior pouches and an exterior zipper pocket so that you have plenty of room to store everything.

#5 Soft Throw Blanket

A soft throw blanket adds designer style and coziness to your camp cabin. You can choose a faux-fur blanket for the ultimate coziness.

If you choose a color pop rug, coordinate your throw with the rug to add even more style to your cabin.




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