Fun Sleeping Bags for Summer Camp

sleeping bagsSearching for new gear is the best way to make the days until summer camp fly by and sleeping bags are a necessity that can be used all year long.

Starting the moment you arrive at camp, you can use your sleeping bag to brighten up your cabin while also staying warm on your wilderness adventures.

Since your sleeping bag must show off your personal style while also keeping you comfortable, use these ideas to get inspired for bringing a bag that will get you noticed.

Explore Different Textures of Sleeping Bags

Old polyester sleeping bags may be great for parents but luckily kids have more options. Now, you can find faux fur bags that are soft enough to snuggle on top of as you stay up late with your cabin mates telling stories about your day.

Or if fur is not your thing, corduroy, velvet and smooth silk all offer alternatives to turn your bunk into a luxurious sleeping space.

Consider Convertible Sleeping Bags

When you just can’t decide which bag to get, a convertible style expands your options. These bags have an awesome print on both the outer cover and inner liner so that they can be turned inside out whenever you want to change your style.

Many of them also come with zippers that allow for you to attach more than one bag together. Just think of the cabin forts you can make when several of your friends also go for a convertible style.

Show Off Your Wild Side

Wilderness adventures are so much more fun when you pack a sleeping bag in a fun shape. Scare away the wildlife by snuggling into a bear-shaped bag around the campfire. Or add a touch of irony by sleeping in a shark bag. Either way, an animal theme will add an element of fun to every adventure.

At camp, your sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of gear you bring. Make sure yours is made to survive the wilderness while also brightening up the days by matching your personality.

Whether you’re the type to go bold and bright or prefer something to show off your sense of humor, searching for the right bag gives you another thing to look forward to as you prepare to reunite with your camp friends this summer.